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Zuma V-Top

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Milk the Goat

The Zuma V-Top is the same shape as the Rock Top, but with a Flower-Power lace trim. It is also a little bit longer, offering a bit more coverage in the front. It's the perfect balance of rock-n-roll and romantic. The open back is a guaranteed head turner, and the 70's trim suggests a fun, free-spirited rocker chick who loves to have a good time. The elastic band allows a relaxed, comfortable fit; and the V-shape gives the illusion of a longer, leaner waist. Pair it with your favorite combat boots for the Festival's Best Dressed, or throw it over your bikini at the beach. Either way, you will love the Zuma V-Top. 100% COTTON


NOTE: Noosa Lace Shorts also shown in this look. Sold seperately in our online shop.


SIZING NOTE: The Tall-Small is a special size we created for all our beautifully tall and slim Milkmaids who find it hard to find cloths long enough for them. The size Tall-Small is a size small, just longer :-)