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Snake Skin Mykonos

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Milk the Goat

The Snake Skin Mykonos is the perfect beachy-boho-gypsy dress/tank. Wear it as a beach throw, a tank, a dress, or a nightie; and pair it with cute sandals, high-rise heels, loads of necklaces, daisy dukes, or your favorite skinnies.... the versatility is endless! It's a loose comfy fit, which makes it a match for all body types and a safe bet for online shopping. And the versatility makes it perfect for travel. Obvi a Milkmaid favorite!! So get yours in every color!!! This popular style is also available in Mykonos Batik, and Mykonos Dip-Dye. 100% VISCOSE


NOTE: MTG Mermaid necklace also shown in this look. Available for purchase in our online shop.


SIZING NOTE: The size Tall-Small (TS) is a special size we created for our beautiful tall and slim Milkmaids who find it hard to find clothes long enough for them. The size TS is a size small, just longer in length!