Our Tribe: MTG Charity


OUR TRIBE is Milk the Goat's Charity. It is a platform to other charities. At Milk the Goat we believe that we are all one. That we are all apart of the same tribe, one tribe, OUR TRIBE. Therefore we support a number of different charities. Our showcased charity of the moment is Bali Wise. Read on to learn why we love and support the rockstars of Bali Wise, and hope that you do too :-) Bali WISE: Breaking the Poverty Cycle through Women’s and Girl’s Skills Education. Bali WISE is an initiative by the Role foundation to provide free education, job skills and employment opportunities to women in need. ROLE has created a series of programs whereby unskilled women can become avenues for environmental change, while also gaining the skills necessary to become financially independent. All new students begin by taking a literacy examination. Students are tested on their Bahasa Indonesia reading and writing level; students still struggling with literacy are enrolled in our Basic Literacy Program and take reading, writing and basic mathematics courses until they can pass the literacy examination. Students that are literate may move straight into the Basic Work and Life Skills Program. This course is designed to give students a broad understanding of employer expectations, business concepts, as well as build self confidence and English skills. During this stage, students begin having lessons at two of the 17 ROLE stations each day. After developing strong knowledge bases in each of the 17 station topics, students move on to the Vocational Training Program. In this step of the ROLE pipeline, students learn to be the teachers and staff of the Eco-Learning Center. When visitors arrive, vocational students teach or manage at each of the stations, with students specializing in areas of training such as permaculture, weaving, spa, yoga, restaurant, or office work. Currently focusing its efforts in Southern Bali, ROLE has built an Eco-Learning Center on 1.5 hectares of property in Sawangan, Nusa Dua. The Eco-Learning Center serves as a campus where disadvantaged women from surrounding communities can learn life and vocational skills, Bahasa-Indonesian, English and mathematics, while also learning and teaching environmental education. The Eco-Learning Center has 17 environmentally minded learning stations where women students receive instruction in areas ranging from renewable energy to snail farming. As part of the training program, students become experts in the different vocations and methods of sustainability that make up the 17 stations. After receiving environmental education and language instruction from ROLE instructors, ROLE students take on leadership and teaching roles by running the Eco-Learning Center for tourists and school groups. This part of the Women’s Education and Training Program allows ROLE students the opportunity to raise environmental awareness while practicing their English, teaching and management skills. http://www.baliwise.org/

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