About Us

Who we are

Milk the Goat is a "California Pinup Hippie" fashion and jewelry label created for those who love travel, surf, laughing, and life. Head designer Nicole Kunz, her GOAT, and fellow Milkmaids believe the world is their playground. These adventures gallivanting across the globe inspire a unique line for eclectic bohemian spirits.


What We Do

Milk the Goat produces its own self-titled house label of clothing, jewelry, and swimwear. We think it's pretty freaking amazing... but we also know one label is never enough for most ladies. This is why we also stock other awesome emerging designers, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces found while traveling. Some of these items found in our Treasure Chest are so special that it almost breaks our hearts to sell them!


We also think of ourselves as more than just another online store. We love taking fans along for the ride via videos of our buying and design trips to places like Nepal, India, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more. We hope this will keep you connected to the beautiful faces on the other side of the world who contribute to your awesome MTG wardrobe.


As well as these videos from our daily lives, our blog also features other tidbits we hope you love: inspiring designers, interviews with underground artists and interesting people, travel advice, local hot spots, inspiring photos, inspirational designers, and more. Visit us daily to keep up with our shenanigans. 


MTG BALI!!! We recently opened our first Milk the Goat Concept Store in the heart of the paddy fields in Canggu, Bali. We offer the ideal shopping experience by offering the entire MTG collection, vintage one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world, a beautiful Art Space featuring a new artist every month, and the best coffee in Canggu. Bring your computer and enjoy our high-speed internet, or bring your credit card and shop 'till you drop. Either way you are sure to enjoy your experience!!! Located at Batu Mejan 100, Canggu Bali (200 meters from Dues on your way to Echo Beach, not Batu Bolong).


Why We Do it

We created our Milk the Goat line because we're curvy girls and proud of it. We love showing off and enhancing our curves, but always found it difficult because most cloths are designed to look good on tall, skinny, runway models. We got sick of not being able to find what we wanted, so made the leap and decided to make a line for women just like us.


To bring this to you we've pulled every trick we've learned from years and years of obsessive shopping. The result is a line that makes girls with boobs or hips look the good kind of curvy, i.e. absolute bombshell material. (And for all you tall, skinny, runway model exceptions, there's still our "tall small" sizing option so you're not left out.)


We also created the Treasure Chest because we're traveling junkies who love to shop. Every time we're in a new country we stumble upon the most beautiful and unique things. And being compulsive shoppers, or course we have to buy them! This is our way of sharing our one-of-a-kind collection from every corner of the earth with you. 


How We Got Our Name

So how did we come up with such a strange name? It's a funny story... This one time we found ourselves in a log cabin on the border of Slovakia in the dead of winter. One night the snow was already waist high when it started to really come down. All of us were thinking the same thing, but it was our still photographer who turned to the group with groggy eyes and stated the obvious. "I hope we don't get snowed in," she said in a dry monotone. "But if we do, we're going to have to buy a goat. And we're going to have to milk the shit out of that goat if we're going to survive the winter." And thus, Milk the Goat was born... Milk it.

The Milkmaids

Nicole Kunz

Nicole Kunz is founder and head designer of Milk the Goat. She is a traveling junkie and professional adventurer. She dabbles is almost every field of visual art and believes that every art form she dablles in makes her other art forms stronger. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Film, Television and Media, and contributes her fashion talents to years and years of obsessive shopping. Nicole is American and has lived in Prague, Brazil, Australia and Indonesia.